Why Summer Skin Sucks and How To Deal With It

I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I HATE summer skin. Summer in South Florida is hot, humid, and always wet. So why is my skin so dry? I usually have normal/combo skin, but I guess my skin hates the summer as much as I do and just tries to crawl off my face. Combine that with the fact that, prior to working at Ulta, I didn’t really know what was good/bad for my skin and I just bought and used whatever was on sale and looked cool, my current face wash didn’t really help.

Currently I’m using Neutrogena brand Deep Clean Facial Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin. This cleanser is an amazing cleanser if you have VERY oily skin due to the salycylic acid in it that really dries up all the oil in your skin. However, if you don’t have oil-slick skin, it will probably dry you out way too much and you can end up feeling tight, dry, and irritated. Like me.

Thus enticing me to go to Ulta on my ONLY day off this week.

After talking to our resident esthetician, I realized I’ve really been messing up my skin. She recommended a good exfoliator and to get some all new cleanser. Obviously. After a few minutes of her looking at my face and looking around the store, she suggested Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De-Tox Hydrating & Soothing Kit. She also suggested Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx Peeling Gel, but I’m not made of money, so I’ll save that for next paycheck. But I have used this before and I ADORE this peel. You can not only feel, but you can SEE the clumps of dead skin falling off your skin. It’s crazy satisfying and makes my skin feel AMAZING! however, again, not on this paycheck. Next time.

The PTR kit comes with these four products. The first is an “Eye Cube” that are like frozen cucumber serum that you rub on your eyes. It sounds cool, but not why I bought the kit. It only comes with one cube (one cube is used for both eyes) and its a one-time-use item, so we will see. The second product is a foaming cleanser that it just that, a foaming cleanser. It has all the same cucumber moisturizing benefits as the rest of the kit, so yay for hydration! Next product is “Bouncy Hydrating Gel.” What? This is the one I had to do a little research on. It turns out it’s a moisturizer with a bouncy consistency? (I still have no idea what that means.) But I’m excited to see how this works because it feels super calming and thick.

And now, the final, and MOST exciting product in the kit. The famous PTR Cucumber Gel Mask! THe reason I’m so excited for this mask is because it has multiple uses and they give you a whopping 5 FL OZ! You can use this as a normal mask; put it under your eyes to reduce puffiness; as a gel after a sunburn, peel, extraction, or facial; or as a sleep pack! I love sleep packs. Algenist SPLASH Sleep Pack is my current favorite, but it’s so expensive that I really like to stretch it out. So the possibility that this multi-functional mask can possibly replace my holy grail is almost too much.

Along with the kit, I ended up getting a mini size (4 FL OZ) Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash for an exfoliator. I’ve used this before and it’s pretty nice. Its a micro-exfoliator wash that helps slough off the dead skin while not scratching your skin and stretching your pores like a sugar scrub can. Also, it was on the little Grab-and-Go shelf in line and I’m an impulsive buyer. HOWEVER, I’m glad Philosophy makes this small trial size as opposed to their full size so you can try it without buying the huge size.

I’m really excited to try these guys and I hope this helps anyone who has a similar skin problem!

(I’m still trying to figure out how I want to sign off these posts, so please bear with me. <3)

~ Tedi



So I just used the foaming cleanser and the moisturizer and DANG!! My face already feels so good! It doesn’t feel tight or dry anymore, it looks way less red, and the flaking is already gone! I’m saving the eye cube for a special occasion since I can only use it once, but I plan to use the mask tonight. I’m literally shocked at how hydrated and calmed my skin already feels. I cannot stop touching my face and just showing everyone in my house.


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